2018  |  Brandstorm Creative, LLC

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What started as an information request from a client looking for a new website quickly grew into a long-lasting partnership between Dove Logistics & Transportation and Brandstorm Creative.

Our first order of business was to redesign and relaunch the Dove website. In addition to providing information & resources, the website also served as the entry point to Dove’s order placement and tracking services, a key part of their business.

As we dug deeper, we discovered that the experience customers were having working with Dove wasn’t being communicated to new or potential customers because, like many of their competitors, Dove didn’t have a strong brand. Dove was rich with positive associations but operated in an industry with a lot of lookalike competitors. Strong values, exceptional customer service, dedication, commitment, professionalism, and a whatever it takes attitude encompassed Dove’s culture but weren’t recognized outside their current client base. 

Our goal was to create a distinct brand for Dove that reflected the people and personality of the company. We created that distinct brand design during the website design process, Soon after, we expanded it to encompass all customer touchpoints that resulted in a meaningful experience for Dove’s customers.

With a renewed focus on their brand and what the brand stands for, Dove Logistics & Transportation has continued to increase its US market share while significantly growing its International presence, solidifying itself as a leader in the industry.