2018  |  Brandstorm Creative, LLC

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The Croney Team enlisted Brandstorm to create a brand identity for the team of Realtors® at RE/MAX Trinity. We set out to differentiate the Croney Team by focusing on the importance of their relationships and dedication to providing a calming force and advocate throughout the buying and selling process. We wanted to create a brand that visually mirrored the experience of working with this successful group of women.


Designed as an open circle, the C in the logo design is representative of a circle which has long been a symbol of eternity, wholeness, protection and unity. Also associated with a hug, the symbolism of the circle personifies what the Croney Team stands for and how they do business.


Expanding on the idea in the brand design, we used the circle as a design element created to make the individual brand unique to the Croney Team. To capture the warmth of the experience working with the group, we shot custom photos of the team at work. We chose a combination of lifestyle images and architecture elements to achieve a real estate looks without showing homes due to the variety of clients and homes represented by the Croney Team. After completing the brand identity and brand design, additional materials were created, including a postcard designed to stand out among mail received by residents.